Mirror Work Salwar Suits and Lehengas

Mirror Work Salwar Suits and Lehengas

Mirror Work or Mirror Embroidery is a traditional art that originated in the 17th century, in the native state of Gujrat in India. With times, this traditional Indian technique got recognition in countries like Afghanistan, Indonesia, China and Pakistan. This unique technique has been used for many years in the making of home accessories as well as to make clothes more appealing and attractive.

Mirror embroidery is also known as the Abla, Shisha or Kaanch Embroidery. Mirror work suits are prepared by using Mirrors and Stones like Mica. The stones have a speciality that they are highly reflective and have a smooth surface. This makes them one of the best replacement agents as compared to small mirror pieces. Tin, Silver, Coins and Beetles are also used for mirror work, but their use varies from region to region. The mirror used for the embroidery is cut down into small pieces and is silver polished from one side. Designer wear made by such mirrors lend to a complete sparkling look to the bright coloured clothes. The tiny mirror pieces are also used for Tapestries, Hangings and Household decorations.

The mirror work is done on the clothes with the help of stitches by the thread. The threads used for stitching are of vibrant colours which give a unique effect to the dress. The stitching can be done in three types; Cross Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, and Satin Stitch. Instead of cutting mirrors in round shapes, they are also cut in different shapes and used in embroidery. To get incredible and highly appealing mirror embroidery, you should opt for the suits in which the mirror work is stitched with the white thread mingled with Orange, Red, Green and Blue colour thread.

Nowadays, famous fashion designers are using this unique technique for creating their designer wear collections that look appealing. These designer wear collections are highly appreciated by people. Thus it is again in trend. Fashion designers have given an entirely different look to the mirror work by their creativity.

One of the most recent examples of mirror work technique in designer suits is the collection Abraham, Payal Singhal and Thakore. Both the designers have taken inspiration from the traditional mirror work methods and with their creativity they have successfully prepared gorgeous designer wear collections. These collections have got an overwhelming response from the audience.

Dee’s Alley is an online fashion portal that has a broad range of Designer Mirror Work Suits’. You can choose from the vast collection they have. You can easily find the exact latest mirror work suits that are worn by famous actresses in the latest Bollywood movies here. At Dee’s Alley, you can expect the mirror work designer collection at the most competitive prices that you won’t find elsewhere. Inquire for the prices, and you will be happy to find the best selection at the most reasonable prices.

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