10 Reasons Why Online Shopping is definitely Better than Traditional Shopping

With the advancements in technology, the number of people shopping from the E-commerce websites is increasing across the globe. Shopping from the E-stores is always a winning situation for the consumer with plenty of reasons to cheer for. We have tried to gather some of the major positive points of online shopping over the traditional shopping for you. Check that out!

Better Prices

The competitive online marketplace keeps reducing the product prices to please the shopper. Various online shopping portals come up with exclusive deals, offers and coupons to retain or increase their customer base. This ultimately benefits the customer as he gets the same product at much lower price, unlike traditional shopping where rarely one gets a discount. Therefore, saving money is the main driving force that brings the shopper on E-commerce websites.

Convenience of Shopping

While shopping online, one does not need to dress up smartly and move out of the house to buy a product. Online Shopping can be done sitting in the comfort of a home or a coffee shop. Also, there is no need to panic if it’s a Sunday or the clock strikes 11 at night. Shopping online lets the shopper shop from anywhere and anytime as per his/her convenience.

Huge Variety of Products

Online stores offer you the advantage of having the maximum range of products, unlike a traditional store where you find only limited stocks. You can browse, discover or compare products as per your choice and as many numbers of times you like. You have access to millions of products or navigate from one e-store to the other in just one click. Moreover, you can narrow down your search to your preferred colour or size.

Free from Pushy Sales person

How many times have you experienced this in a physical store that the sales person unnecessarily pushed you to buy a particular product? Many times for sure! We at times just buy something we never wanted to, just to avoid embarrassments as we spent too long of the salesperson. Here, online shopping is the biggest rescue as there is no reresentative  directing your choices.

Guarded personal shopping

There are many things that you always prefer to shop privately. There comes online shopping to empower you again. E-stores let you buy things like lingerie, undergarments or any sexual wellness products at absolute ease which typically people find it difficult to even ask for in a physical store. The good news is, now there is no one keeping an eye on what you are buying.

You never lose a Bill receipt

In traditional shopping, you can never ask for a refund unless you have the original bill receipt of the product purchased. In case, the receipt is lost, or your child just tore it, then Forget It! Or the other option is to plead the shopkeeper. Luckily, online shopping keeps us away from the hassles of safeguarding the receipts more than the product itself. They are automatically saved in the inbox.

User Reviews are a blessing

The product reviews by the certified users are a great helping hand when shopping on a website. The reviews show both the positive and negative points about a product. They usually clarify the doubts about a product and assist the shopper in making a well-informed purchase online. The best thing about them is – They are free of cost!!

Everything at one place

Whether you want to buy a mobile phone or a funky pair of shoes, you can get almost anything and everything at websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. Such websites cater to all the needs of the shopper. This kind of ease is not possible with traditional shopping where you have to visit many different shops to complete the shopping list.

Less overhead expenses

When you are going out to shop from a traditional offline store, you end up spending so much extra apart from the shopping itself. The overhead expenses such as Fuel, eating or dining out (because you are too tired to cook food at home now) costs you dearly. Online shopping saves your precious and hard earned money and time here.

Free Shipping & Cash on Delivery

Nothing better than getting your favourite product delivered at your doorstep and that too absolutely free of cost. Yes, most of the Indian E-commerce shopping portals are giving this option to lure the customer. This is a great motivation for everyone to shop online instead of the traditional shops. Another advantage of paying the cash on delivery is the most promising feature for the buyers.

Ultimately, The famous saying that “Customer is King” perfectly fits the situation when you are doing shopping over the Ecommerce websites.

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