Flaunting a sexy back!!!



Wearing a designer blouse is quite a rage these days. The customised blouses, embellished with coloured sequin and embroidery as per the customer’s choice are much in demand especially among the NRI’s. Many stores sell customised blouses, thereby making the saree shopping a delightful and creative experience for their customers.

Another added trend is the wedding blouse designs that women spend hour’s looking for over the internet and across all stores in the city. These blouses, since worn on the big day, need to be selected with utmost care. Too much of skin show, or spoiling the look of the saree, can be bad for the wedding ensemble. Wedding blouse designs must also 64 % be considered keeping in mind the body shape of the person.

5 Tips to Wear a Backless Sari Blouse

  1. First of all, simplify the making and wearing of the backless sari blouse by covering up a bit of the front.
  2. When you drape your sari pallu, make sure it is either pleated thin or just lightly draped and secured with a pin on the edge of the shoulder.
  3. Choose your accessories wisely. If you wear a necklace, make sure it does not have a dori or tassel hanging at the back. You do not want it to spoil the dori or latkes used to corset your backless blouse.
  4. It is tough to wear a regular bra with most open-styled blouses. So when having it designed, discuss this with your designer or tailor. Instead, add blouse pads or ‘cups’ as we mostly know them as! Even the plastic bra straps can spoil an entire delicately made sari blouse.
  5. Always keep in mind the length of the blouse, both at the front and back. The length must usually be just above the narrowest part of your body and below your diaphragm or your bust.

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