How sarees make an impact at work place

How sarees make an impact at work placevishal-new-designer-saree-beige-sut8058-mv-georgette-2cd

If you are planning to wear something formal to the workplace, then the first thing that comes to mind is dressed in a formal western suit. However, try to wear a saree instead and see the heads turn. If you think we are joking, then please read on and decide the saree look for office wear.

Things to keep in mind to ensure sarees make an impact at workplace

# Choose the right colour:  Remember, you are wearing a saree to work, so the colour scheme has to be subtle and in keeping with the work environment. Opt for muted, sold and subtle colours and try and avoid bright over the top colours. Choose the colour with care. We all know that neon is in but remember neon is not the right colour to wear to work. You will have to balance the colour scheme to ensure you do not end up looking like a Christmas tree.

# Select the right fabric: When you are choosing a saree to wear to work, ensure that you opt for a thicker and firmer fabric that holds. We all know that wearing crepe , chiffon or georgette is flowy and dramatic and makes us look sensual. We all know that silk, satin and velvet makes us feel royal but the idea is to strike a balance and opt for a slightly traditional saree made of khadi, crease proof handloom, tussar and so on. These thicker fabrics are easy to drape and once draped they are known to stay at its place giving you a crisp look at work.

#Opt for small motifs: Sarees look beautiful with a broad border and beautiful motifs all across the fabric. The motifs make them eye catching and enhance the overall look. However, when you are looking for a saree that you can wear to work ensure that the motifs are small and not too loud screaming for attention

# Drape the saree perfectly: When you are planning to wear a saree to work ensure that you drape it perfectly. Ideally, you should pin up your pallu in neat pleats and ensure that you keep the pleats in their place with the help of a safety pin. The safety pin will make sure that throughout the day the pleats are neatly tucked and in place.

# Use loads of safety pin: Since you will be moving around and working all day long in saree, ensure that you use enough safety pins in the pleats and pallu so that no wardrobe malfunction happens throughout the day.

#Accessorize well: The key to a perfect saree look at work is to compliment it with accessories. Ensure that the saree is perfectly complimented with small studs of solitaire and pearls, a smart watch and a sleek bracelet.

Remember one thing that can make or break your saree look at work that is your confidence and your gait. Your confident stride at work wearing a saree will actually make everyone head turn.

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