How to choose the ideal bridesmaid attire this wedding season


How to choose the ideal bridesmaid attire this wedding season

If it’s your wedding day you are planning then, most of your attention must be focused on finding the right dress for your special day. However, do not ignore the girls who would have a huge role in making sure that your day goes well i.e. your bridesmaids. It is only when that the bridesmaid dress complements the bride’s that the whole ceremony looks beautiful. Here are a few quick tips that you can follow.

Pick a universally flattering style

Do not judge everybody by your body type. If you are hourglass shaped and want your apple shaped bridesmaid to wear a body hugging lehenga- choli just because you are wearing one then beware…you will only end up upsetting her and will spoil the visual aesthetics of your own wedding. Your bridesmaids are likely to have different body structures, and it is important to pick a bridesmaids dress that makes them all look attractive and appealing. Choose a bridesmaid’s dress style that skims the body without clinging to it as this will flatter most body types.

Give your bridesmaids options

Shortlist 2 or 3 kind This way they will bs of bridesmaid wear that you like and let your bridesmaids decide which style suits them the most. This way they are sure of choosing dresses that complement their personality. You could choose the fabric and the overall look that you want and convey the same to your bridesmaids. For example, you could say that you want your bridesmaids to wear cream and red lehenga cholis or Anarkali as that will suit your wedding theme. After that give them the option of choosing a style that suits their personality and body type.

Experiment and Innovate

Gone are the days when Anarkali, traditional lehengas and sarees were all that you had for wedding wear and bridesmaid attire. Custom made brides made outfits are now available, and you can factor in personal choices and aesthetic preferences quickly. For example, if you want Indo western suits as bridesmaids’ attire do not be restricted by the thought that this is a new trend. Be open to expressing your personalities by adding your own creative touches to your attire.(Simple English please)

Look Online

If you are pressed for time or have a constrained budget or really want to look at bridesmaid wear options outside your city then using the internet is a good idea. You can browse through several kinds of bridesmaid wear options like concept Sarees, Anarkali, lehengas, etc.  It is preferable to buy online as there are lots of choices which may not be given by brick and mortar stores in your city. From concept sarees to cocktail fusion gowns to Indie dresses to fusion Anarkali you are sure to find the ideal choice if you shop for bridesmaids wear online.

With these tips, you are sure to be able to make the correct choice for your bridesmaids dresses this wedding season.

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