Wearing a saree to a cocktail party and stand out

Wearing a saree to a cocktail party and stand out  

Animal Printed Saree – Perfect for Cocktail Parties


Here are ways to tweak up your cocktail saree

Opt for western inspired fabrics: The first thumb rule that comes to mind when you are selecting a saree for a cocktail party is to buy one that is made of western inspired fabrics. You can opt for satin printed saree, Brasso saree, crepe or chiffon kinds of sarees that will give you a western and svelte look. Take a look at the array of sarees that the designers have on offer using these western inspired materials. The moment you adorn them you represent best of both worlds. You look modern thanks to the fabric of the saree, and you also look traditional as you are wearing a saree. Remember the traditional black lace saree that Kajol wore in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain that is an ideal cocktail saree.

Tweak up your blouse: A lot can be done with your blouse. Remember a perfect blouse can make or break your whole saree look. You can get a designer blouse made keeping in mind western wear silhouettes. Things that can be incorporated to your blouse to jazz up the same are replacing hooks with a zip to make the fit look cleaner, incorporate lots of lace and see-through material on the back of the blouse to compliment the western mood of the saree, you can also opt for a velvet blouse and opt for petal shaped sleeves.

Change the Silhouette of the blouse: If you are planning to wear a saree to the cocktail, then it is advisable that you change the silhouette of the blouse. Instead of the usual blouse that we get in choli cut opt for western top inspired ones. You can choose a corset inspired blouse. In fact, if you want it to look ultra modern and quirky you can simply pull out a party top of yours and team up a blouse with that to complete the look.

Opt for the modern twist on Saree: You can also opt for the modern variations of sarees with dhoti pants and lehenga-inspired sarees to make the look different and eye catchy. Designers are actually experimenting to come out with interesting variations that are a true blend of Indo-western design and fabric. Opt for these and see the difference it makes your attire. You can take a few cues from Sonam Kapoor on the same.

Trust us and next time you are invited to a cocktail party ditch the gown and wearing a saree to a cocktail party and stand out


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