Choose your Bridal Lehenga as per your Zodiac Sign

Every bride wants to look radiant and beautiful on her wedding day and why not? It’s a special day that most girls look forward to.

How about stealing some cosmic energy to look even more beautiful on this special day? A bride can do this by incorporating the colour of her zodiac sign in her wedding dress and her trousseau. A complete guide to the kind of lehenga your sun sign might just pick up

Aries. Red Red Red! All the way ruled by fiery planet Mars, the Aries bride should wear red. Bright red is the best, but other shades of red will also do very well.

Taurus. Pink and White. Pink again is a very suitable colour for the Indian Bride. You can team it up with some Diamond and Silver jewellery to complete your ensemble.

Gemini. Green, understandably it is not a favourite colour at most Hindu weddings. The bride can have the colour Green incorporated in her dress either by using embroidery of green thread in her Lehenga or by wearing Emerald or Green jewellery with Green and Red bangles.

Cancer White is the colour for the Cancerian girl as the Zodiac sign is ruled by Moon. But most Indian Brides may not want to wear white lehenga to a wedding. As a ‘go around’ You may wear a Red or a Yellow dress and incorporate it with some White or Silver jewellery.

Virgo. Dark Green is the colour for the Virgo to be bride. Try to have more of this colour in your trousseau by smartly using jewellery with tinges of Green.
Libra. The colour for the Libras is White and Light Blue. These colours can also be teamed with Pink. Try not to use Red with White and Light Blue in your bridal wear.

Scorpio. Mars is the ruling planet of the Scorpio also. Hence red is the best colour for the Scorpio bride. The Scorpio bride could also use White, Orange and Yellow. Red and Orange are hot colours so try not to combine these colours with cooler colours like blue and green.

Sagittarius. Sagittarius are a fiery breed. Their colours are Dark Yellow and Orange. The Sagittarius bride can also try Cream.

Capricorn. The colours for the Capricorn are dark like Purple, Brown, Dark Green khaki etc. Do not mix Yellow and Oranges with these colours.

Aquarius. Aquarius brides should do well with Blue and Purple, second preference would be Dark Brown and Dark Green.

Pisces. Pisceans are ruled by Jupiter. Yellow and Orange are most suited to the Pisceans. Pink can also be tried, must avoid Black, Blue and Dark Blue.

Every bride and her family have fixed ideas on the colour and the type of trousseau a bride should have with her. Matching your trousseau with the colours of your zodiac will bring in happiness and positive energy. If the traditions of your family do not allow you to wear the colour of your zodiac then try to include the colours in some unobtrusive way. For example if you can’t wear a Green Saree, then you may want to include small amount of colour in your jewellery or in the colour of your embroidery. Just make sure you include a small amount of colour.

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