Why we take 5-7 Days to ship Tussar Silk Clothes?

Why we take 5-7 Days to ship Tussar Silk Clothes?

Seven days to ship for an on-line store seems to be too many in today’s world. A lot of our customers ask us why our shipping time for Tussar Silk Suits is far more than Industry norm of One Day. How we really wish they could also ask us why our Prices are so low..

Tussar Silk Dress Materials


As of now all, our customers seem to be thrilled with prices and quality, we have to offer. These are pure handmade exclusive designs. There is only one reason why we are so reasonably priced. Between the weaver and us there are no intermediaries. This way we are able to offer the best prices to our customers online and we can guarantee that you won’t be able to find a cheaper alternative anywhere online or in a physical store.

But there is one drawback, and we won’t hide this fact. We have over 300 designs, and We DO NOT keep a ready stock of Tussar Silk Suits. Once we get an order from you, we pass it on to our team of artisans and weavers. Then they look up the stock, if we have it, we ship within 2 days. If we don’t have that particular product SKU we print them. Then the shipping takes 5-7 days. So don’t miss them and place your order now.

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