Maheshwari Saree -A New Trend in Town

What’s so special about a Maheshwari saree? Legend has it that the women of the royal household of Holkar wore it and played polo on horseback!

You remember famous Bollywood movie “Asoka” (Kareena Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan) .The exquisite beauty of Maheshwar was captured in this moview on the sparkling Narmada with its stunning sunrises and sunsets, slothful boats, flickering diyas and riverine ghats. A temple town, with the sound of mantras and bells. The towering Maheshwar Fort, a musical composition in stone that was once the abode of the great Ahilyabai Holkar, a pious and austere Queen known  for her just dispensation and the fine sense of resplendency.

Rehwa Society, NGO for Maheshwari Saree
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Chandrakala, baingani, beli, parbi, Narmada lehar, chatai, hansa, bugadi – the designations roll like poetry in time to the click-clack of looms are the some names of motifs of this Maheshwari fabrics. This Fort is located in Indore state, where Queen Ahilyabai ruled in the last a moiety of the 18th century. It is now a heritage hotel of the Holkar family which is recognised with giving an developing lease of life to the proximately dying craft of Maheshwari weaving by founding the Rehwa Society which today engenders the finest Maheshwari fabrics, kenned the world over for its elegance as well as innovation.

Expert weavers spun Maheshwari Fabrics that Ahilyabai brought in from Surat, Varanasi and Chennai to weave saris for the royal household and withal as gifts for Peshwa kings and visiting dignitaries.

Maheshwari saris are woven with distinctive designs involving stripes, checks and floral borders. Typically, the body is plain or has stripes/checks with motifs on the woven heavy border. Traditionally, Maheshwaris were made pristinely in cotton. In the 1970s, silk was introduced in the warp, giving elevate to the famous Garbh Reshmi saris. The light and comfortable feel of this fabric are weaved to the cotton yarn in the weft (baana) and silk in the warp (taana). Zari is utilised in the borders.Prices differ on the quantity of silk the saree has.

Vidya Balan in an event in a beautiful Maheshwari Saree

Vidya balan.jpg



These handwoven sarees are the talk of the town for their sheer elegance and simplicity. We source these sarees directly from weavers with certified “Indian Handloom Brand” which ensures you the best quality and designs and most importantly a guaranteed livelihood to weavers. To buy these Maheshwari sarees Click here.


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